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Hannah Southsea

Gift Voucher - Golden Doubloons!!!

Gift Voucher - Golden Doubloons!!!

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Your one stop gift shop for when you see a HannahSouthsea item and think 'Oooh, so and so would love that!', but everything is so unique and individual that you'd never know what to choose for them.

This is your solution!

3D printed golden doubloons, that come in denominations of 10 and 20 pounds. Simply choose how many of each coin you would like to give as a gift, and you will receive doubloons to that amount. In a handy upcycled denim money pouch and with a certificate.

 The amount can be spent either on line, by messaging me via the contact page, and sending the unique code which is on the certificate. Or in person at a market by bringing the certificate with you. Either way, you get to keep the doubloons - win - win!!

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